Hotel Palanga SPA Luxury


Spacious and cosy – this is a brief description of the restaurant located at the Palanga SPA Luxury wing.

The interior of the restaurant is decorated with natural teak wood and exotic plants, which create the easy atmosphere of a resort. The beauty of the pine forest spreading out through the huge windows gives the restaurant a special charm – this is the exterior “decoration” that changes each season.

Ever since its opening in 2003, the restaurant has earned an undeniable reputation. We have devoted a great amount of attention to the improvement of the mastery of the restaurant’s chefs and waiters. The credo of the restaurant’s cuisine is freshness, naturalness and lightness.

The restaurant’s chef participates in global-level specialised trainings on a regular basis, and our restaurant’s kitchen masters also participate in the practical trainings of Italian and French chefs twice a year. We revise the restaurant’s menu on a regular basis according to the trends of global-level elite restaurant cuisines and the requests of our guests.

One can enjoy delicious Flambé dishes at the Palanga SPA Luxury restaurant: if you would like to watch the preparation of your dish, the chef will bring the necessary equipment and prepare the food in front of you.



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